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Okay so that whole Descent thing was a complete disaster, but for sure this time we've got a modpack. It's just a basic kitchen sink modpack with a bunch of mods we thought would be cool. If you'd like to see a specific mod in here, just let me know and we'll try to get it in the next version.

The modpack is on the curse launcher. Just search "DarkForge Official"

Here is a link to the curseforge project.

There is a dedicated server I'm running with NO WHITELIST. Just install the pack and join play.darkforgegaming.com

Hope to see you soon!

Descent Modpack

AnZaNaMa a posted Jun 15, 16

The official DarkForge Descent modpack has just been released on curse! It is available for download, but the map and all are still in development so right now it's basically just a kitchen sink pack. Don't worry it will become more than that!

The current release version is for Minecraft 1.9, but I should have the 1.9.4 version released tonight. If anyone is interested in helping create the immersive world for the pack, send me a message on this website and I'll let you help. I will be constructing a private server that we can play on to work on the map, not connected to the others.



jbeek go to apply
pedrothetech how des one get whitlisted and where

Infinity Server Dead

AnZaNaMa a posted Jun 15, 16

Nobody has been on the regular infinity server in quite a while and it crashes all the time. It's been up for a while, but at this point, it's more trouble than it's worth. I think it may be finally time to say goodbye to the Infinity server, so that we can make room for more, newer servers. I'm taking it down.

Broken World

AnZaNaMa a posted May 23, 16

It seems the plugin I had for sky islands was breaking the world, so I had to delete it (the plugin and the world). If you want to get an island, ask a mod for now. I will be expediting the production of the DarkForgeUtils mod so that I can start using it for Islands. I hope to have it up tomorrow.

New Server Results

AnZaNaMa a posted May 19, 16

From the results of the poll I put up a while ago, it seems everyone has interest in a custom DarkForge Modpack. Check out the latest forum post to discuss it more.

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